Backtrack Records Is Located in Lincoln Nebraska
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Backtrack Records is looking to buy your gently used records and stereo equipment! 

We pay TOP DOLLAR for:
►  Record collections that are in EXCELLENT or GREAT condition
►  Small or large collections
►  Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Psychedelic, Industrial, Punk, Metal, R&B & Soul, Pop, Country, Mobile Fidelity & Audiophile Records
►  Turntables, receivers, reel to reel tape recorders, speakers and more!


Call Us: 402-464-4567


How do I sell my used records, 45s, CD's, DVDs and stereo equipment?  Talk to Backtrack!  We buy used music and equipment every day during our normal business hours. (Tuesday-Friday 1PM-6PM, Saturday 11AM-5PM).

Please have the following information when you call:
A short list of some of the artists in your collection so we get an idea of what kind of music you have.
An estimate of how many records/CD's/DVD's you have in your collection.

It is preferred that you bring your collection to our store in Lincoln Nebraska.  (On really large collections we will come out and look at them where they are located.) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does "Great or Excellent condition mean?"
For LPs it means that the records do not have scratches or marks that would affect play.  For covers, they should be free of writing, split seams, water damage or mold.  For 45s it means that the records should be without scratches.  45s have been kept in sleeves, either plain or original record company sleeves.  45s that have their original picture sleeves are preferred.   We will buy 45s that are not sleeved but they must be in great condition and free of scratches.

CD's must be in their original cases and have all included paperwork or liner notes.

DVD's / Blue-Ray's must be music oriented, like live performances or documentaries. (not musicals)  They also must be in their original cases with any original paperwork.

How much do we pay for used collections?
It is impossible for us to accurately determine a price without seeing your collection in person.  We need to be able to physically examine each item in your collection for condition to be able to tell its value, or even if its a title or artist that we are interested in buying.  In most cases, if its an item we are interested in, we won't pay less than a dollar for an LP.  Telling us some of the titles in your collection over the phone can help you avoid bringing in items that we are not interested in, but we cannot make an estimate on a list alone.  We still need to look at the items in person.


What genres of music are we NOT interested in?
We typically do not buy classical, easy listening, big band or show tunes (Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Barbra Streisand, Mitch Miller, etc)  We do buy some soundtracks.  If you have any questions about the content of your collection, please call us.

Do we buy old 78's?
The only 78s that we are interested in are early Rock 'n Roll and R&B titles (Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry, etc.)  78s must be free of cracks and chips.

What kind of stereo equipment do you buy?
We buy turntables, stereo receivers, amplifiers, equalizers, reel to reels, speakers, CD players and more.  We are most interested in equipment from the 1960s-1980s.  We also buy newer, higher end equipment from the 1990s to current. 

If you have any questions regarding our interest in your items, please call us. (402-464-4567)